1. Head to


2. Click Sign in & Register in the upper right corner


3. In the Enter a location box, enter your full address including building number, street address, city, state, and zip code.


4. A drop-down will populate with the matching address below the “Enter a location” box, select the matching address. 


5. Then click the Check My Address button. 


6. Once your address is confirmed to be inside of our new deliverable area you can select Shop Now this will take you to the Shop All page. 


7. Shop till you drop! Add any items that you’d like to your cart there are no box restrictions and you are able to select exactly want you need and want to receive! 


8. When you’ve got everything you want, click Check Out 


9. Enter an email address for your account, this should be one where you can receive updates about your box and tracking information. Feel free to opt into our newsletter! 


10. Then click Continue as Guest 


11. Enter your delivery address and contact information. (if your billing address is the same as your delivery address check the My billing address is the same as my shipping address box


12. Enter any delivery instructions you may have such as “leave at the back door”


13. Select your desired shipping method. 


14. Then click Continue


15. Enter your billing address if you have not already done so


16. Select your payment method and enter payment your details


17. Check Yes, I agree with the terms and conditions.


18. Then select Place Order


How do i build a box

Building a box is simple, fast, and unique to YOU! You can browse our full catalog of produce and grocery here and click Add to Cart on any item when you're ready to shop! You'll be prompted to create your account or login before building your harvest from pantry staples, to kombucha, plant-based proteins, and MORE! Explore options as you build a harvest that works best for YOU. Options will change from week to week based on what we have available, and as we tweak our shipping methods, we’ll start to include produce and other practical items. 

As you click ‘add to cart’ on items, you’ll see them populate in your ‘cart’ in the top right corner. When you’re ready, simply click ‘proceed to checkout’ to purchase your treats!  


WHAT is my harvest minimum?

You’ll need to add $40.00 to your cart to enable checkout. This means you can stock up with one grocery trip, and once you reach $40.00, you’ll be able to check out and choose your shipping method.  



Once you checkout and select your shipping method (either next-day or standard shipping), we’ll start working on your order. When it’s ready to ship, you’ll receive a separate confirmation email with a shipping link, where you can track your order all the way to your door. 


How long will it take for my harvest to be delivered?

 Orders placed by 11:59PM on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday will be delivered on Wednesday.

Orders placed by 11:59PM on Tuesday will be delivered on Thursday.

Orders placed by 11:59PM on Wednesday will be delivered on Friday.

Orders placed by 11:59PM on Thursday will be delivered on Saturday.


How DO I Cancel a Delivery?

Not ready to order? Didn't mean to checkout? That's ok! We can help! If you accidentally submitted an order, or didn't want to receive a delivery, please reach out to We'll be happy to help you cancel a delivery, or make sure that you aren't charged!


How do I report a problem with what arrived in my order? 

We understand that mistakes happen, and when they do, we need to hear about it! You can always reach out to us at! It'll be quick and painless, we promise! We’ll be happy to help resolve any issues in a timely manner to make sure you can get back to enjoying your delivery. 


Will I get a confirmation email?

Yes! You will receive a receipt confirming your purchase after you checkout successfully. 


How do I checkout?

As you shop, you’ll notice a ‘cart’ icon in the top right corner of your browser. By hovering and clicking on the icon, a ‘checkout’ button will appear. Click to be taken to the checkout screen and follow the prompts on the screen.


My card won’t update. What do I do?

If your card isn’t being accepted by the browser, make sure to clear your browser cache and cookies, and try re-entering the card. If the card still won’t go through, email with a screenshot of the error message and we’ll check to see what the issue is. 


When will you bill me?

 You’ll be billed when you complete the checkout process for your harvest! 


When/What is my customization window? 

With this updated model, there’s no customization window! You can shop the site any time and order a harvest. You can do so on a repeating basis, or just one time! 



Still need some help? You can always reach us at